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The use of a water softener unit in your home can benefit you in multiple ways. Hard water has an excess of minerals and metal, like calcium and iron. A water softener unit is able to remove the excess, which can make your life easier. Hard water is generally safe to drink, but can be a bear when it comes to cleaning. Keep reading for three benefits of having a water softener unit in your home.

  1. Easier cleaning. Hard water can leave a buildup around faucets, and leaves stains on the tub and toilet because of the excess of minerals and metal found in the water. A water softener unit will remove the excess minerals and metal, which will keep the water from staining things and leaving a gunky build up on faucets. Soft water can also keep your clothing and dishes cleaner. Hard water may leave spots or soap residue on items, while soft water rinses items more thoroughly.
  1. Longevity of appliances. Hard water can be hard on appliances. The mineral and metal buildup will shorten the life of the appliance, and can affect its efficiency. Appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, and other appliances that regularly use water can have a longer lifespan by using a water softener unit . A longer lifespan on appliances saves you money by not having to replace them as often, and it helps the environment by not having to build as many appliances.
  1. Cleaner plumbing system. Again, because of the hard water build up, a water softener unit Tampa can keep your plumbing system cleaner and running more efficiently. Soft water reduces clogs and build up, keeping your pipes in better condition.

The benefits of a water softener unit are great. Keep in mind, however, it is better to drink hard water since the salt in the soft water can up your sodium intake. The amount of sodium is higher than hard water, although not terribly. Research simply suggests drinking hard water rather than soft water. Most people combat this by opting to soften only hot water, which leaves hard water for drinking. Most of the things that you want the water softener for, use hot water anyway–the dishwasher, cleaning, etc.

If you’re tired of dealing with gunky buildup around your faucets, and stains on the tub and toilet, you should consider a water softener unit. Your clothes and dishes will benefit as well. Longer lasting appliances are good for you, and for the planet. A cleaner plumbing system saves you time, money, and worry. Using a water softener unit in your home has many benefits, so look into getting one today. Hop online and look for a plumbing contractor in your area who specializes in installing water softener units. Websites like Google Places let you read reviews of the business, and you can find a trusted business to install your own water softener unit. Do it today and begin reaping the benefits of  a water softener unit in your home.

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