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Friday may be the busiest day for malls but did you know it is also the busiest day of the year for plumbers.  With Thanksgiving meal preparation and clean up plus the extra guests visiting, your plumbing system will take a big beating this week.  A typical household on a given day has 4-5 people utilizing its plumbing system.  During the holidays, that number can increase to 15-20 people. This triples or quadruples the plumbing usage which can lead to problems.

Follow these tips to help prevent a plumbing disaster.

  1. If you have a slow drain or another plumbing issue, it is recommended to have the problem taken care of before company arrives and extra stress is added to your home’s plumbing system.
  2. After the Thanksgiving meal, your family members or guests often offer to help clean up. Set the ground rules before the dishes even leave the table. Remind your guest not to throw scraps or leftovers down the garbage disposal or flush it down the toilet.  Your plumbing was not built to remove large food particles.
  3. Avoid throwing down the garbage disposal stringy, starchy, fibrous or hard to break down foods. Starchy foods expand with water which can cause a clog.  Celery, carrot skins, potato skins or leftover potatoes, apple skin, egg shells, corn husks and small bones should all be thrown in the garbage.
  4. Dispose of oily, greasy or fatty foods or liquids in the trash. Take a paper towel and wipe the food and grease into the garbage before washing it in the sink or placing it in the dishwasher.  The fat and grease will solidify and can cause clogs.
  5. Turn the water on before you put food down the garbage disposal. Keep the water running for a few seconds after you turn off the disposal as this will help remove any waste from your drain and keep it from clogging.
  6. If you are hosting overnight guests have them wait 10-15 minutes between showers. This will allow for the drain to proper clear as well as the hot water to replenish.  If your guests have long hair, you may use a shower strainer to keep the hairs from entering the drain.
  7. Remind guests not to flush cotton balls, feminine hygiene products, paper towels or baby wipes down the toilet. Post a reminder sign in the bathroom if needed.

We hope that by following these tips you will avoid a plumbing backup.  But should you need us for an emergency plumbing issue on Thanksgiving Day, our Plumbers will be happy to answer your call.

From our family to yours, we wish you a blessed Thanksgiving.

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