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You have company coming and wouldn’t you know it, this is when your drain is backed up.  Of course you try all the tricks you’ve heard of but nothing is working. No doubt you  need a drain cleaning service. Unsure of where to find one, or how to get started? Keep reading for five tips that will help you find a drain cleaning service that will fit your needs.

1. Know where to look. Referrals are the best way to find a good drain cleaning service. Ask your local family and friends who they recommend, and you will probably end up with a few names to check out. You can also try a local online listing, like Google Places. Websites like that allow customers to leave reviews and ratings which can be helpful when choosing a drain cleaning service.

2. Qualifications. A good drain cleaning service will be licensed and insured. Make sure that the company you are interested in has the proper qualifications to provide service. A company that is insured will protect you, their employees, and usually be more honest.

3. Customer service. If you have narrowed down your options to two or three companies, call one and evaluate their customer service. Do they have good response time? Are they professional and courteous? As a professional drain cleaning service Tampa business, they should do their best to make you feel like a valued customer and that they desire your business. When you have the plumber in your house, make sure that you are comfortable allowing him or her in your home. Are they knowledgeable and professional at all times? Choose a company that you will be comfortable calling.

4. Cost. A drain cleaning service may give you a quote over the phone based on what the problem sounds like. Be sure that the company gives you a written quote after examining the problem. Many times the estimate varies from the actual cost. Another good thing to keep in mind is getting a second opinion. If you are at all worried that the price is higher than it should be, get a second opinion. A second opinion on plumbing problems, like a clogged drain, can save you hundreds of dollars.

5. Experience. When someone is working on your home, they should have experience to prove that they know what they are doing. Your potential drain cleaning service should have a clean record with much experience. Find out the experience a company, or plumber, might have by doing a simple Google search and checking the company’s website. An experienced plumber will be able to discuss your drain problem, and fix the problem or give tips to prevent it from happening again.

If you are dealing with a clogged drain, you need a drain cleaning service. Utilize the above guidelines to help you find a drain cleaning service that is just right for you. Know what businesses are in your area, and who people recommend. Always check qualifications and insurance before agreeing to any work. Assess the customer service, and don’t be afraid to get a second opinion. Listen to your experienced plumber for good tips on how to keep the drain from clogging again.

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