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A Brief History of Plumbing

Modern plumbing is as recent as the 1800s. However, if we jump all the way back to the ancient Minoan civilization on the island of Crete, we see that they had a working sewage system. The ancient Romans also had a working plumbing system, despite their lack of scientific knowledge regarding germs and the spread of disease. Water was transported through aqueducts, and was even used to help cool homes. After the fall of the Roman Empire, plumbing all but disappeared until it began to be considered again sometime in the 1600s. While a sample toilet was built at that time, the thought of widespread plumbing disappears again until the 1800s. The word is that the Thames river in London became so clogged with sewage, and stank so much, that parliament took a day off. Clearly, a working sewage system was needed. Inventors did what they do best, and began inventing toilets and ideas for modern plumbing. Originally, pipes for plumbing were made of hollowed logs, or stone. In the 1800s, pipes were made of lead. That is, in fact, where we get the word “plumbing” from. The latin word plumbum means lead. Unfortunately, lead poisoning has some pretty bad effects. As this knowledge came to light, sometime after World War II, pipes began to be made of copper, bronze, and other non-toxic materials. Today, many pipes are made of plastic. Plumbing services in Odessa, FL encompass a broad range of things today, but basically, plumbing deals with anything relating to pipes. It might be installation of new pipes, or repairing a sewage pipe, or maintaining pipes, but water for buildings runs through pipes and plumbers maintain those pipes to make sure that our nation stays sanitary and healthy. Due to the hard work of plumbers, like Odessa FL plumbers, learning how to effectively use running water and manage sewage lines, diseases like the plague and typhoid are incredibly rare nowadays.

A Brief Glimpse of the Future of Plumbing in Odessa FL

While modern plumbing has come quite a ways, it still has far to go. While civilization is much more sanitary, we overuse water and pollute rivers and oceans with used water. Water conservation is the future of plumbing, and it’s important to learn how to start saving water and energy in your own home. Tankless water heaters have become highly popular due to saving space, energy, and money. A tankless water heater can be mounted directly on the wall, and heats water as needed. Other great water conserving devices include dual flush toilets and slow-flow shower heads. Both of these devices save hundreds of gallons of water throughout the year. There are other ways to conserve water, and your plumbers in Odessa FL would be happy to discuss what you can do to save water in your own home.

Benjamin Franklin Welcomes Odessa FL

Plumbing is necessary to the survival of mankind, and modern civilizations, with cities of millions of people, depend on proper plumbing services. From early plumbing ideas, to newer running water and indoor plumbing ideas, we should take note of what our plumbers suggest and do what we can to conserve water in our homes.