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Plumbing: Where It’s Going in Palm Harbor FL

Plumbing has a long history, from back in the times of the ancient Romans, jump forward to the 1800s and the invention of the first toilet, up to newer dual flush toilets installed in homes. Over time, various things have made themselves of concern to the public, and water conservation has become a matter of interest down to the average consumer. The future of plumbing is water conservation, since without running water, we would not have plumbing. While the idea of running water through pipes is the same model used in ancient times, there are ways that we can use technology and common sense to begin conserving water in our own homes. Keep reading for a few ideas that you can put to use in your home to begin conserving water and energy.

Dual flush toilets. Dual flush toilets are one of the best ways that you can conserve water in your home. While toilets have come a long ways since the 1800s, even recent toilets can use as much as five gallons of water for a single flush. Installing a dual flush toilet is an inexpensive way to save hundreds of gallons of water throughout the year. Rather than using five gallons, dual flush toilets cut that number in half, using less than one gallon to flush liquid waste. Talk to your Palm Harbor FL plumbers about installing a dual flush toilet to conserve water in your home.

Slow-flow shower heads. Taking a shower uses more water than you might think. An average ten minute shower with a regular shower head can use over 35 gallons of water. Consider replacing your normal shower head with a slow-flow shower head, which can cut down your water usage in the shower. Plumbing services in Palm Harbor FL will be happy to install the shower head for you, but this is one that you can probably do yourself. If you have questions about a good one to choose, give your trusted plumber a call.

Greywater. Water is defined as white, grey, or black. White water is the clean, fresh water that we use for drinking and bathing. Black water is contaminated by sewage. Greywater is the water leftover from bathing or washing. Greywater, when it is uncontaminated by toxic products like bleach, or sewage, can safely be reused to water landscaping. Talk to your plumbers in Palm Harbor FL about installing a greywater drain, and how to safely reuse water for your yard and landscaping.

When you’re looking for ways to conserve water, you can find them most anywhere. From turning off the water while rinsing dishes or brushing teeth, to keeping a jug of drinking water in the refrigerator to avoid overusing the faucet, there are little tips that can cut down your water usage at home. Benjamin Franklin plumbers are more than happy to give you water conservation tips, or to install water saving devices in your home. Learning how to conserve water is important for the future, and it is the future of plumbing.

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