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The Future of Plumbing in Plant City FL

While plumbing has come quite a ways since the ancient roman aqueducts, and the invention of the first toilet, it still has farther to go. The future of plumbing is turning towards water conserving devices. Without sacrificing quality or sanitation, new devices are being created that are water and energy efficient. That means a monetary savings for you, and a savings that is good for the environment. Water is necessary for the continuation of life, and the amount of water that Americans consume is wasteful to the extreme. A family of four can easily use 150 gallons of water in just one day, between showers, laundry, flushing the toilet, and doing dishes. In an effort to conserve water, and preserve the planet, plumbing services in Plant City FL are happy to help you learn how to take steps to conserve water in your home.

Tankless Water Heaters. Tankless water heaters are small and compact, and energy efficient. These handy boxes are mounted on the wall, and only heat water as it’s needed. Energy Star ones are eligible for a tax credit, making them a popular choice. Plumbers in Plant City FL are able to install tankless water heaters in your home, or just discuss them with you to determine if they are a good fit for you.

Greywater. The use of greywater can seriously cut down on your water usage. Plant City FL plumbers will most likely one day install greywater drains in most homes to help conserve water and promote green living. White water is clean drinking and bathing water, while black water is contaminated with sewage. Greywater is in between. It is the water leftover from bathing and washing, and it can be safely used to water landscaping and yards.

Dual Flush Toilets. The average toilet uses approximately five gallons of water for each flush. A dual flush toilet can cut that number in half. Dual flush toilets are inexpensive to install, and are a great water conserving source.

Low-Flow Shower heads. A ten minute shower can use over 30 gallons of water. Replacing your normal shower head with a slow-flow shower head will cut down on the amount of water you use, helping you to conserve water in your home.

Water Conservation Tips. Water saving devices are great for conserving water in your home, but you don’t have to invest in and install a whole new appliance to start conserving water in your home. There are lots of little tips and tricks that you can apply in your daily life. Pay attention to how often you use water. Try keeping a jug of drinking water in the refrigerator to save on using your tap water. Turn off running water while brushing your teeth, and doing the dishes.

The future of plumbing in Plant City FL is in water conservation. While there are bound to be new inventions that will make our lives easier, improve convenience, and improve sanitation, water conservation is important for sustaining life on earth. Talk to your plumber today about how you can begin conserving water in your home.

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