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Do you ever suspect that the plumbing systems throughout your home are really nothing more than a complex headache waiting to happen? Like if you look at the pipes beneath the kitchen sink the wrong way they’ll start to leak just to spite you?

In our new eBook, Flush This! The DIY Guide to Gaining the Upper Hand on Wonky Plumbing Devices, we’ll show you how you diagnose and start fixing all those problems that keep you awake at night.

In truth, you don’t have to fear toilets that only flush partially or drains that seem to disagree whenever you expect them to get to work. You don’t even have to be too concerned about whatever is making that unidentifiable smell in the sink. There are plenty of simple, DIY plumbing fixes that you can handle around the home.

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We’ve put together this list of instructions and guidelines for everyone who wants to take a more proactive approach to home plumbing maintenance and repair. While there are a number of procedures that you need to leave to the professionals, you can use the information collected here to take care of those lingering problems.

Do you have specific concerns about the plumbing in your home? What is going to need the most attention? Flush This! is divided up into five basic categories so you can quickly find the information you need when something goes wrong.


– Problems with partial or phantom flushing, constant running, or reduced bowl water? This section details several fixes for some of the most common problems.


– Are strange odors coming out of the sink? Do you wonder why the water in your shower backs up until you’re standing in a soapy puddle? Drains come in all shapes and sizes, and this information will help you determine how to diagnose the issues and get them repaired.


– A leaky faucet is more than just an annoyance. It can lead to higher utility bills, gallons of wasted water, and perhaps even indicate some other issues that need your attention. Use this section to determine the best way to fix both indoor and outdoor faucets.


– We put a lot of things down the sink, whether in the kitchen or bathroom, so it’s important to make sure they don’t stop working on us at the most inopportune moments. Whether you’re thinking of replacing the entire sink or just looking to replace some smaller components, you’ll find some guidelines here.

Kitchen Components

– The kitchen is the place where families and friends gather to enjoy each other’s company. It’s also the place where a lot of plumbing-related things can go wrong. This section details how to find the problems and what to do about them.

For the DIYer in You

Download your eBook today and start tackling some of those plumbing problems hanging around your home. There’s no better time than the present to tackle these chores, and this will show you some of the best ways to put your pipes back in line.

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