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Clogged drains are a nightmare but can be easily prevented.  They happen at the worst possible time and are a headache to deal with.  You will need to take time off work and pay for a plumber to come to unclog the drain.  All this could have been prevented by maintaining your sink trap.  Side note…if you do experience a clog we highly recommend that you not try to take apart your P-Trap.  DIYers who do this most likely will never be able to reassemble it correctly, causing it to leak.

The best way to keep your sink trap clean is to have a professional plumber inspect your plumbing annually.  Many plumbing companies offer annual maintenance plans. Between annual inspections, here are 5 things you can do yourself to make sure your sink trap stays clean.

  1. Avoid throwing anything down that drain that could be an obstruction.  Cooking grease, fats and oils can become severe issues over time.
  2. Avoid store-bought drain cleaning products.  They’re very harmful to your pipes and environment.
  3. Lift the sink or shower stopper and check for any debris in the pipe.  If someone with long hair lives in the home, check this often.
  4. Run water through your pipes at least once a week, especially in areas of the house that you don’t frequently use, to prevent sewer gases or smells, and to keep the drain clean.
  5. Use an all-natural drain maintenance product like Bio Ben on a regular basis.  Bio Ben’s naturally organic bacteria has tiny-sludge hungry organisms which eat away at the waste and gunk in your drain lining.  You can pour it down the drain weekly or monthly to help eliminate the build-up of grease, fats and oil. It keeps your system free flowing without any clogs.

If you aren’t comfortable dealing with your sink trap yourself, give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing a call at 813-980-3353.  The punctual plumbers will get out to your home on time, and make sure your drains are clean and flowing.

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