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The average person doesn’t give much thought to what they put down a drain. Sure, most of us know better than to pour paint or gasoline down a drain, but beyond that, they are usually considered a simple connection to the sewer for any unwanted liquid waste. Garbage disposals often receive even less consideration since they chop up anything you throw into them. But a bit of care and consideration for what goes into drains and garbage disposals can keep them free of clogs and working reliably for many years.

General Drain Care

Coffee grounds and cooking grease should never be allowed into a drain. Coffee grounds can be composted or thrown in the trash, and cooking grease can be saved in a disposable container to be thrown away. Hair is a big problem for drains as it binds to soap scum and oils. Always use screens over your bathroom drains to collect hair before it ends up in the drain. Both clogs and odor can be avoided with baking soda and vinegar.

Garbage Disposal Care

A typical garbage disposal can be expected to last for 12 to 15 years. To ensure that your disposal lasts as long as possible, always run your disposal at least every few days. Even if you have no food waste to dispose of, running your disposal regularly will prevent rust, corrosion, and the hardening of any food left inside from previous use. It’s also important to run the disposal for an extra few seconds after waste seems ground up. This makes sure all waste is completely ground and flushed down the drain. Never put fruit pits, bones, plastic, or paper in your disposal. These items dull the blades, and sometimes they can jam the disposal and burn out the motor.

Avoiding clogged pipes and prematurely worn-out garbage disposals is easy with a bit of care. To find out more about clog prevention, check out Benjamin Franklin Plumbing online or call 813-980-3353.

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