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At first glance, dry hair and that unsightly ring around the bathtub might not seem related. In reality, they are both signs that you might have hard water in your Clearwater home.

If you do have water problems, you’re not alone. Research shows that 85 percent of U.S. households have hard water. Here are three signals that indicate you might benefit from a home water softener conditioning system.

Scale Buildup

Scale buildup is the white, chalky mineral deposits that you frequently see on tea kettles or coffeepots and is a good sign that your water is hard. If the scale is on your appliances, sinks, and bathtub, then you can be assured that it’s in your pipes, too. A water softener eliminates these mineral deposits that can, over time, clog your pipes and prematurely retire your appliances.

Your Water Tastes Bad or Smells Funny

Health experts say that you should drink eight glasses of water a day, but that’s hard to do if your water smells like rotten eggs or tastes like dirt. And you certainly don’t want your pasta to absorb foul-tasting water or your fruits to lose their shine. Depending on your water’s hardness, and their tolerance level, your family members would probably appreciate a water filtration system that takes out chlorine and other minerals and restores clean, fresh water to their daily menu.

You Need Constant Plumbing Repair

Although copper and PVC pipes do better with hard water than steel pipes, scale buildup can have serious consequences in all three. As the scale builds up, it reduces the pressure behind the flow, thus enabling the scale to build up even quicker. Pipe clogs lead to backups and flooding and leaks around valves in your dishwasher or washing machine.

Why put up with stains, bad-tasting water, and repairs any longer than you have to? Check out the water conditioning solutions we offer at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing or call us at (813) 980-3353.

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