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Leak Detection & Repair

Leak Detection & Repair

The Leak Detectives

“Plumbing Leaks often do go quite undetected…until the water damage becomes visibly apparent to the unfortunate homeowner.”

-Benjamin Franklin

Water lines are pressurized and therefore more susceptible to leaks. In some cases, it is difficult to detect leaks without special equipment, and a closer inspection by heroic professionals.

And why are even small leaks bad? Because they can lead to:

  • water damage
  • increased bills
  • low water pressure
  • waste of water

Sewer leaks cause all sorts of problems, not the least of which are the unsightly odors and messes. But Fear NOT!

Ben Franklin plumbers are deployed with a myriad of Gadgetry! Including our Robot BenCams, which we send down into your plumbing pipes, and they allow us to DETECT a water leak anywhere inside your home or on your property.

So we don’t guess, we believe in KNOWING what the problem is, BEFORE starting the work. So we can give you our Upfront Pricing (a price that does not “magically change” in the middle of a job) and we are proud to stand by our word.

So our technology and our abilities are futuristic, yes.

Supernatural? Perhaps.

But being Experts in Leak Detection is simply part of who we are.

If you DO have a leak, an exceptional Ben Franklin Plumber can fix ANY type of pipe you have in your home or anywhere on your property: water line, tub or shower valve, toilet, kitchen fixture, faucet or even a supply line.


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