Low Water Pressure

Not getting strong water flow anymore?

“Whether a leak is the cause or not, low water pressure is something NOT to be ignored. Call upon us now, and prepare to be delighted!”
-Ben Franklin

-Washing machine taking longer to fill?
-Shower pressure coming out too low?
-Toilet taking too long to fill?
-Low pressure in the kitchen sink?
-Slower water dispensing from refrigerator?

Whether you’re experiencing this problem throughout your house, or only from a specific faucet or fixture, we’re here to help!

The two most common causes of low water pressure in a home are:

  1. Sediment buildup in your pipes (from our darn mineral-heavy hard water!)
  2. A leaking pipe somewhere (caused by a break or by corrosion over time).

Luckily, there is no leak we cannot detect, and FIX. We are certified Leak Detectives!

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