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Finding a good plumber isn’t always easy, but it is worth the effort. All too often, plumbers and other repairmen show up late, even after giving you a really large window. Then, what happens when they do show up but don’t fix the problem adequately? Or when they don’t do the repair in a timely manner? You might soon find yourself racking up the charges for labor costs without much to show for it.

Finding a great plumbing company is like finding a new friend. Not only are they reliable and helpful, but they are going to do everything they can to determine your needs and go above and beyond the standard level of service. There are many attributes you could look for in a company, but which ones are the most important? There are five characteristics that take a plumbing company from good to great.

Licensed and Insured

Most companies are required to be licensed and insured, but not everyone is. This is important because they need to be legally able to do work in your home and, in case anything goes wrong, they need to have the means to make it right. There are many accidents that could happen to a plumber, but there are also mistakes that they could damage your home or plumbing – and these are their responsibility. Licenses and insurance are not only protecting the company, they are protecting their customers, too.

Background Checks and Drug Tests on Technicians

Allowing a stranger to come into your home, even to fix something, can make you vulnerable to something bad potentially happening. In order to make sure you are not compromising the safety of your family, home, and valuables, all technicians should have a background check and drug test done. This way you can feel more secure when they are around instead of on guard.

Friendly Service

A plumber with a positive attitude is important because then you can feel like you can ask questions. We tend to assume that grumpy people are less likely to explain problems, so attitude matters a lot. A little friendliness will give you a reason to use them whenever you have a problem and even recommend them to friends and family when they have similar concerns.

Another thing to consider is that a friendly company wants you to feel like there is a connection between the customer and the service provider. The more friendships they can establish the more people will rely on them, ensuring they will be the first on the call list for a long time. This kind of permanence and reputation in a local area usually comes from years of experience and a well-earned reputation.

Fast and Guaranteed Repairs

When any part of your plumbing is broken, repairs must be done as quickly as possible. Great plumbers don’t show up to a job with just the basic parts to do the most common repairs – they come prepared with fully stocked trucks. If a special part has to be ordered to complete the job, the company will do everything possible to get your problem is fixed the as soon as possible.

However, fast service sometimes leads to sloppy results, which is why it’s nice to have a guarantee on the work done. Any company that won’t stand behind their jobs 100% is a company you don’t want to touch your pipes. Any job that has a guarantee allows you to feel as confident about the repair as possible. This saves you money if the first job doesn’t totally fix your problem.

Respects Your Time

One of the most frustrating parts of getting a repair done is waiting around all day for the technician to show up. A great plumbing company will respect your time and even offer some form of compensation if they are late. Sometimes there are circumstances, like traffic, that get in the way, preventing the plumber from showing up on time. If a company truly respects your time, they won’t pass on that frustration to you – they will just get to work as quick as possible and do the job they were paid for.

A Powerful Tool

Finding the best plumbing company is like gaining security for your home if anything else breaks. If you feel like you have a friend in the plumbing business, you are much less likely to try and fix things yourself and leave it to the professionals instead. Home repairs are never pleasant, but knowing that you have someone you can trust in your corner helps by giving you a little peace of mind.

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