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Tropical storm or the rain bands associated with hurricanes can damage your plumbing.  Here are the precautions you should take to prevent plumbing issues:

Clear Slow or Backed up Drains
Make sure you do not have any sewer drain backups or slow drains prior to the storm.  As the saying goes, it is the straw that breaks the camel’s back – Heavy rain will cause an even larger backup in your home.

You can test to see if your drains are working by pouring water through them and seeing how long it will take to drain.  If your drains take longer than a few seconds to drain, try using a product like BioBen to clear and maintain the drain.  If you are experiencing any drain backup it is best to call prior to the storm.  Routine maintenance to keep your sewer main line clean by an experienced plumber is key.


Prepare BEFORE the Storm
Clear any debris around your home, including gutters.  That debris eventually finds its way into the public sewer and can cause a backup for the neighborhood.  Stinky stank!

Have stock a supply of 3-7 days of drinking water per person.  You should also fill a tub up with water prior to the storm.  If the water level is low, use a bucket of water to help flush your toilet.  You can also use the water for other non-sterilized household tasks.

When Water is Restored After a Shut Off
When a water source is shut off or the pressure levels drop below 20psi, a water boil advisory is issued.  When this happens the water becomes contaminated and bacteria will begin to grow.  If you have a Water Boil Advisory, follow your local municipal for directions on your water usage.

When the water is turned back on:

  • Run water for 5 minutes through direct connections which will release any trapped air in the system. You may experience a loud hammering sound that should stop as all the air trapped in the pipe is released.
  • Run a water softener through one cycle of regeneration which will help remove the chloramine that the city adds to kill bacteria when they shut the water off.
  • Run drinking fountains for 1 minute
  • Dispose 3 batches from your ice cube maker
  • Run all faucets/cold lines for 1 minute

After the storm passes inspect your property.  Check to see if any shrubs or tree roots have shifted that could cause potential damage to underground pipes.  If you experience any sewer backup from the storm, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing immediately at 866-867-5309.  We are here waiting to address any pre or post storm drain issues.


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