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Don’t Waste Time or Money on Other Plumbers

Looking for plumbing services in Dunedin FL can be quick and painless when you apply these simple tricks to your search.  You can easily check online listings, like Google Places, and read reviews and ratings for local businesses. Always take the time to check the credentials of any potential plumbing business. They should be licensed to work in your area  and the company should be insured and bonded for both their safety and yours. Customer service is a big deal when it comes to who you hire. Make sure you feel comfortable having the plumbers in your home. Verify that the company offers fair pricing. What is there guarantee? It never hurts to get a second opinion. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is serving Dunedin, so give them a call to see what they can do for you.

Plumbers in Dunedin FL

Plumbing services cover a wide array of jobs. From fixing kitchen drains, to dealing with main sewer lines, the plumber’s day is never dull. A plumber’s main focus is to install and repair pipes. They are also able to install and repair water heaters, drains and toilets. Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing today to find out how they can meet your needs.

Dunedin FL Plumbers and How to Save Water

Conserving water and energy is the smart thing to do. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is proud to be “green” and our plumbers want to encourage you to save water, and save money, by giving you helpful tips on how to conserve water in your household. Installing a tankless water heater is a great option for conserving water. It is energy efficient, and the Energy Star ones are eligible for a tax credit. Tankless water heaters are mounted on the wall and heat water as it is needed, in comparison to the traditional hot water heater model which is a huge tank that stores water. Dual flush toilets can save hundreds of gallons of water each year. While the older toilets use up to 6 gallons of water per flush, a dual flush toilet can cut that a little more than half. The liquid waste flush only uses less than 1 gallon to flush. Using greywater to water your garden and landscaping is another great way to reuse water, thus conserving it. Talk to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing about how to safely use greywater around your garden, and installing a drain for it.

When to Call a Plumber in Dunedin FL

You might not always know when to call a plumber. Low water pressure might be a simple faucet problem, or it could be a huge plumbing problem waiting to burst upon you. A clogged toilet might sound like a simple fix, but it might need to be snaked by a professional. Drain blockages might also need to be snaked if a drain product doesn’t clear out the problem. If you’re not sure if you need a plumber, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and let them help you by diagnosing and fixing the problem.

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