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How to Choose The Best Plumbing Services in Largo FL

When you need a plumber, whether it’s for a clogged drain, or your main sewer line, or to install a new hot water heater, you want to be able to call a trusted plumbing company. There are a number of plumbing services in Largo FL, so how do you choose the best one? All plumbers are not the same.  Since you’re allowing these plumbers into your home, you should feel safe calling them. Fair and honest pricing is important, and getting a second opinion can help you verify that. Always check the credentials. Are they licensed and insured to work in your city. The plumbers should be certified, and the company should be bonded and insured for their safety and yours. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is now serving your community. Give us a call to see what we can do for you.

Largo FL Plumbers Conserving Water

When it comes to conserving water our plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing know all the ins and outs. Call us to find out how you can best conserve water in your household. Turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth or doing dishes is a no-brainer, but there are other ways you can conserve water and save money. Do you have a leaky faucet repair that you have been putting off. This could be costing you more money than you realize. Try washing your fruit and vegetables in a pan of water, rather than running water. You could also install water conserving appliances in your home. A tankless water heater is energy efficient, and space saving. It is a small box mounted on the wall and it heats water as needed, rather than storing hot water in a huge tank. Energy Star tankless water heaters are eligible for a tax credit. Dual flush toilets are great for saving water. They use half the amount of water that a traditional toilet uses, saving hundreds of gallons of water every year. Greywater is another good way to conserve water. Greywater is the water from bathing and washing, and it can be reused to water your landscaping. Talk to a plumber about how to safely use greywater for your yard, and other ways to conserve water.

Plumbers in Largo FL: Knowing When to Call

It can be hard to know when to call a plumber. There’s a lot of DIY options out there, but sometimes you really just need a plumber to deal with the problem. Some common reasons to call the plumbers include toilet problems, low water pressure, and clogged drains. A clogged drain might be fixed by a drain product that you pour down it, but it might just need to be snaked by a plumber. Low water pressure from one faucet is easily dealt with since it’s most likely just a mineral deposit build up. If you have low water pressure all through the house, however, it can be a sign of bigger problems. Toilet problems include sewage smells, not enough water in the tank, and a clogged toilet. Whatever the issue, a plumber can diagnose and fix it. Talk to the plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to find out what they can do for you.

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