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Sewer Pipe Repair & Replacement in the Tampa Bay Area

Sewer Pipe Repair & Replacement in the Tampa Bay Area

Sewer Pipe Repair & Replacement Services for Tampa & Tarpon Springs Homes

Sewer pipe problems are far more than a hassle—they can damage your property and pose health risks to you and your family. Whenever your sewer lines crack, burst, or otherwise fail you, the Tampa and Tarpon Springs plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing will be ready to help!

We offer the complete range of sewer pipe repair services, and we can replace your sewer line if extensive damage makes repairs unfeasible. We’ve been providing sewer line services throughout the Tampa Bay area for more than three decades, and we’re known for providing fast, reliable service with a smile. That’s why we’re a top choice for sewer line and plumbing services in and around Tampa!

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Sewer Line Repair Pricing in Tampa & Tarpon Springs, FL

A sewer line repair job typically ranges from $600–$2,800 on average. Factors that will affect the repair are the depth of the line and how many roots surround the area of the pipe.

Signs of Sewer Line Damage in Your Tampa or Tarpon Springs, FL Home

If you notice any of these warning signs of sewer pipe damage, call us ASAP:

  • Gurgling toilets
  • Toilets that don’t fill all the way up
  • Visible sewage backup in your tub or toilet
  • Slow-draining tubs
  • Pooling water in your yard
  • Greener grass around your sewer lines

When you notice these signs and contact us for help, we’ll use the latest technology, backed by our extensive experience, to quickly diagnose the problem and explain your best repair options.

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Common Causes of Sewer Pipe Damage in Your Tampa & Tarpon Springs, FL Home

All sorts of things and events can damage your sewage system and necessitate sewer pipe replacement or repair. Here are some of the most common ways this damage happens:

  • Age
  • Root intrusion
  • Ground freezing and thawing
  • Objects in the system, like grease, hair, and toilet paper
  • Backups from the city’s sewer line

No matter how your sewer pipes are damaged, we can provide the solutions you need to restore your system and keep it running in peak condition year after year.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sewer Repair & Replacement

When it comes to sewer line repair and replacement, our team of industry experts have seen and heard it all. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the most common questions we receive from Tampa-area homeowners just like you. 

How can you tell if your sewer line is clogged?

No homeowner wants to deal with a frustrating sewer line clog, but ignoring the problem will only result in more expensive repairs down the line. If you notice any of the following signs that you have a sewer line clog, contact the friendly professionals at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing right away! 

  • Slow running drains
  • Multiple fixture clogs at once
  • Water backing up into the tub or shower when you flush your toilet
  • Bubbling or gurgling sounds coming from your toilet
  • Toilet overflow when running your washing machine

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, don’t worry! Just contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and we’ll get to the bottom of your issue quickly, providing you with effective and affordable solutions! 

Why is there an odor coming from my drains?

There are actually a variety of potential culprits when it comes to strange odors emanating from your drains. Clogs and bacteria stemming from hair, food, and other substances that find their way down your drain can cause clogs in pipes and release a stench from bacteria buildup. Another possibility is that sewer gas is rising through your drains, especially when the drain traps are empty. You may also have a pipe blockage, which you can troubleshoot by running your faucet and checking to make sure the water doesn’t begin pooling in the sink after a few minutes. If it does, and an odor is accompanying it, you likely have a pipe blockage. Our expert plumbing technicians will be able to determine your precise problem quickly, so that you can get rid of the stink once and for all. 

There’s sewage backup coming from my drains. What do I do?

The first thing you should do if you are experiencing sewage backup is discontinue using the drain. Contact your local plumbing professional for emergency repairs. Turn off you water supply and your electricity. Turning off your electricity is always the safest choice in order to keep wastewater from your outlets as well as your central HVAC system. Clear anything away from the area that could be susceptible to water damage, and refrain from using liquid drain cleaners as they will likely not clear the clog and can result in major damage to your plumbing system. Your plumber will be able to diagnose the cause of your backup and provide a plan of action to effectively remove your clog! 

What causes sewer obstructions?

Most commonly, sewer obstructions are caused by the following:

  • Build-up of grease, debris or foreign objects in the sewer line
  • Partial or complete blockage caused by tree root infiltration
  • Sewer line collapse caused by old and deteriorated sewer pipes
  • Debris entering the sewer system from illegal pipe connections

While this is not a comprehensive list, it’s a good place to start. If you suspect you have a sewer obstruction, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and we will thoroughly inspect your system with our innovative technology in order to get you the answer and solutions you need. 

Does homeowners insurance cover sewer line replacement?

While it’s rare that your homeowner’s insurance will cover sewer line replacement (or repair) it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility. If your sewer line was damaged by a third party (e.g. a neighbor, tenant, or contractor) it may be covered. However, if the age is the ultimate factor in their need to be replaced, you may be out of luck. Either way, it’s a good idea to check with your insurance provider to rule out the possibility completely. 

Don’t see your question listed? No worries! Give our friendly team a call at 813-980-3353 or contact us online and we will be more than happy to get you the answer you need! 

Schedule Sewer Line Repair or Replacement Service in the Tampa Bay Area

The Tampa and Tarpon Springs plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing are ready to diagnose and repair any problems your sewer lines have. Whether you need minor or major repairs or it’s time for sewer line replacement, we’re the team you can trust for responsive service, quality work, and reliable solutions that will restore your sewer lines!

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