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Listen to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s Operations Manager, Mario Martinez, explain why you should repipe your home.

You might consider repiping if:
• The age of your home is over 20 years old or the plumbing system has not been maintained/inspected
• The quality of pipes used when the home was built
• You have experienced leaks in your system
• You are planning to renovate your home

Be Proactive with Annual Maintenace

If you have been lucky not to have experienced a slab leak, that is great.  Hopefully, this will not happen if you are having your plumbing system annually maintained and inspected.  If you experience a leak in the future, you most likely will have to file a home owner’s claim to repair and replace anything damaged done by the leak.  Water from a leak spreads quickly.  Water damage can spread anywhere from a couple feet to many feet in your home.  We have had customers with water damage as far as 25 ft. away from a leak.  That is 25 ft. of water damage that needs to be replaced.  That could be drywall, flooring, cabinetry or furniture that is damaged due to a leak.  This is why we highly recommend our customers to be proactive and have an annual maintenance and safety inspection.

Why Repipe Instead of Repair

Many of our customers who have older homes ask us why we suggest repiping instead of repairing a leak.  If you have copper or galvanized pipes, we suggest repiping when a leak happens. We know from past experience these pipes will begin to fail elsewhere in the home if they are aged and you have already dealt with one leak.  Many times, repiping causes less damage to your home than from having a plumber access a leak.  It makes sense to address the whole issue so you do not incur more damage down the road to your home.

Consider Repiping Before Renovating

If you plan to renovate your home we suggest you have the pipes inspected as a part of your planning process.  If your pipes need to be replaced, it makes sense to do this during the renovation.  Before you spend the time and money for your new cabinetry, flooring and countertops consider the state of your plumbing system.  Call a plumber to inspect your pipes before renovation begins.  Think of the wasted time, money and the beautiful items you just installed that would be damaged and needed to be replaced if you overlooked the plumbing and a pipe started to leak after the renovation was completed.

If your home is over 20 years old and you have not maintained the plumbing in your home you should speak to a professional plumber before encountering a problem.  Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing today to schedule a safety inspection at 813-980-3353.

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