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Toilet Clog

Toilet Clog

Ah, the dreaded TOILET Clog, our old enemy…

If YOU have a slow or clogged toilet and wish it GONE, you may book or schedule an appointment with us using the form below, or simply call us! And here’s what happens next.

And a Punctual Plumber shall be at the ready upon your doorstep, in no time at all.

“Toilet Clogs do not stand a CHANCE against us.”

Toilet Repair Pricing

A toilet repair job typically ranges from $150 – $350 on average.

What Foul Abomination is this!?

Has the Unspeakable invaded your plumbing? Has a Grotesque and increasingly impassable Barrier slowed or even stifled your toilet in its function, preventing Unnecessaries from necessarily leaving your Home?

In the Worst Such Cases we have even witnessed these Clogs revolt, causing a Hellish Flood of Befouled Water to be thrust back, flowing out upon the poor homeowner’s floors. May Heaven prevent it!

Yea, even so, Heaven’s Helpers at Ben Franklin Plumbing stand ready to defeat ANY clog, with both Skills and Specialized Equipment that some would call “impossibly advanced.”

For our Aid and Assistance in eliminating any clog or solving any drainage problem that exists, simply click here to schedule your appointment, or contact us using any method upon this page!

And PREPARE to be amazed.

For toilet clogs, leaks, or any other plumbing service, we stand by our word and our work, with upfront pricing as well as wonderful Guarantees on ANY job we do, of which we are very proud.


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