Water Heater Repair

water heater repair

Repair Your Water Heater

Ben Franklin Plumbing: may be able to save your tank-style water heater and make it last just about forever.
Everyone else: just wants to replace your water heater.

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Here are all the facts…

Every year or two you need to flush your water heater

Otherwise your tank-style water heater will only last 5-15 years, and not just about forever, like it should. Even if your water system is loaded with calcium, iron and rust, flushing your water heater will still at least double the lifespan from 5-10 years to 10-20.

What’s actually happenin’

Mineral sediment and scale in your water supply build up over time. They reduce the hot water available. Plus they start eating away the anode rod meant to keep acidic stuff from attacking and destroying the tank and liner.

When your water heater makes a percolating sound

You know, like a coffee maker… That sound ain’t good. Means its cooking sediment instead of heating your water. Means you spend more on energy bills. Later on your tank will overheat and rust out, expand and contract more than it should, and develop cracks in your liner… Sometimes water heaters explode. It’s serious.

How We Repair (Save) Water Heaters

Most plumbers can’t get all the sediment out of your water heater if ya haven’t flushed it in a year or two. Ben Franklin plumbers can. The reason is the small drain valve that’s installed from the factory. Not only does it clog easily and not flush, it doesn’t reclose properly. So if your valve isn’t large enough to drain well, and you want it repaired, we recommend putting in a brass valve 3 times the size of the tiny valve ya got.

Then we check to see if we can safely replace the Pressure Temperature Safety Valve or the Anode Rod.

Once your water heater is repaired

It should last just about forever with regular flushing, unless your water is super hard (time to think about water softeners). As long as we’ve gotten it before the liner and tank start rusting, we’ll get it working like new.

Ben Says: “Regular maintenance can double the life of your water heater, and is fully included, along with big discounts and VIP service, in Scott’s Family Club!”

When It’s Time to Replace Your Water Heater

  • If it’s truly past it’s lifespan…
  • If it’s a safety hazard…
  • You just want more hot water than your tank water heater can supply…

… that’s when we recommend replacement.

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