Water Heater Replacement

Water Heater Replacement


Need to Replace your Old Water Heater?

We’re Water Heater MASTERS

Reasons to Replace:

  1. Your water heater no longer gives you enough hot water
  2. Your water looks rusty or has an odor
  3. Your water heater rumbles, pops, or whines
  4. You see water leaking from the base of your water heater
If you see any of these happening, you at least need it repaired, and may need to have it replaced. Simply call or contact us now, we’ll come out and perform our Free Water Heater Health Check.


Schedule Your Free Water Heater Health Check

Why Ben Checks Your Water Heater First

Florida water is HARD; It deposits MINERAL GUNK at the bottom of your water heater that slowly builds up, leaving less and less room in your tank for hot water! And some of that sediment gunk comes through when you shower, and cook.

Ben’s Water Heater Health Check will let us know whether we can clean out the gunk and/or repair corroded parts in your water heater, saving you several thousand dollars and possibly adding 5-10 years to its life. But if your tank is corroded so badly that it won’t heat water or is a danger to explode (yep, this really can happen), it’s time to replace…

Schedule Your FREE Water Heater Health Check Now

Ben Says: “Regular maintenance can double the life of your water heater, and is fully included, along with big discounts and VIP service, in Scott’s Family Club!”

Helping You Choose a Water Heater

Traditional tank water heaters

  • Powered by either electricity or natural gas.
  • Most inexpensive water heater you can buy.
  • Tanks range in capacity from 20 to 100 gallons.
  • Require more energy and use more water while you wait for the shower to heat up.
  • Average lifespan: 8 to 12 Yrs (may last many more years when flushed yearly and with the help of water softening, due to Florida’s hard water)

Hybrid water heaters:

  • Provide double the hot water of a tank water heater
  • Maximize the efficiencies of tank and tankless water heaters
  • Cost a little less than tankless water heaters, but quite a bit more than tank water heaters.
  • Average lifespan: 8 to 12 years (Based on 55gal or higher. May last many more years when flushed yearly and with the help of water softening, due to Florida’s hard water).

Tankless water heaters

  • An energy-efficient, green option, regardless of where you live
  • Heat the water directly as you need it, saving energy – and money (as long as you don’t take longer showers with that never ending supply of hot water)
  • Benjamin Franklin GoHot®  tankless water heaters deliver endless hot water through a piece of equipment the size of a briefcase
  • Reduce water waste
  • Cost at least twice as much as a tank water heater
  • Average lifespan: 10-15 yrs (small, high pressure parts wear out quickly without a water softening system)

Solar water heaters

  • Most eco-friendly option.
  • Need solar panel plus a tank or tankless water heater
  • Most expensive option
  • Once installed they essentially heat your water for free.
  • Average lifespan: 8 to 12 years

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