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Water Heater Services in the Tampa Bay Area

Whether you need a new water heater or you’re looking to service your existing unit, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is here to help. Our experienced Tampa plumbers are committed to helping you find the most cost-effective solutions for your Florida home. With our comprehensive water heater services, you’ll find everything you need all in one place.

To schedule water heater installation, replacement, repair, or maintenance in Tampa, Tarpon Springs, or the surrounding area, just contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing online or call 813-980-3353.

Water Heater Installation in the Tampa Bay Area

If you’re building a new home in the Tampa area, this is your chance to install a high-efficiency water heater from day one. Choosing the right model for your family’s needs requires careful consideration. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Fuel type: Choose between the most popular options—natural gas and electricity—or go for something less conventional, such as hybrid electric, fuel oil, geothermal energy, propane, or solar power.
  • Size: Our Tampa plumbers can size your new water heater, so it meets your hot water demands while remaining affordable to operate.
  • Efficiency rating: High-performance water heaters may cost more upfront, but they pay for themselves in lower water heating bills.
  • Style: You may be most familiar with storage water heaters, but tankless models are also available. If you value incredibly low operating costs and endless hot water, it may benefit you to go tankless.

Call 813-980-3353 or contact us online to schedule water heater installation at your Tampa-area home! We offer flexible financing with approved credit.

Water Heater Repair & Maintenance in Tampa, FL

Having access to hot water is something you might take for granted—that is, until your water heater stops working. If you need water heater repair in Tampa, call Ben Franklin Plumbing! We can diagnose and repair issues resulting in no hot water, strange noises coming from the tank, rust-colored water, and more.

You may be able to avoid these problems if you keep up with water heater maintenance, which is included with a Ben Franklin plumbing maintenance plan. Inspections from our knowledgeable plumbers can help improve efficiency, slow corrosion, and correct small problems early to keep your water heater running reliably for many years to come.

Call 813-980-3353 or contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing online for top-notch water heater repair and maintenance in the Tampa Bay area.

Water Heater Replacement for Tampa-Area Homes

If your water heater isn’t working like it once did, or it has broken down completely, it may be time for a replacement. With our hard water here in Florida, it’s common for water heaters to only last about a decade. (Of course, you can extend this life span with routine maintenance.)

If your unit is starting to act up, give us a call and request a free Water Heater Health Check. We’ll perform preventative maintenance and diagnose any underlying issues. If extensive repairs are required, we’ll provide an estimate, along with a few replacement options so that you can make an informed decision.

To schedule water heater replacement in Tampa, FL, just call 813-980-3353 or contact us online now!

Tankless Water Heater Service in Tampa, FL

You have many water heater replacement options, including going tankless. Tankless water heaters last longer, cost less to operate, and take up less space than conventional storage tanks. They work by heating water on demand, so your family members can take as many back-to-back showers as they want and never run out of hot water!

It’s a tantalizing prospect that could forever change the way you view hot water in your home. Ben Franklin Plumbing offers tankless water heater installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance for our Florida customers.

Schedule Water Heater Services in Tampa, FL

With Ben Franklin Plumbing by your side, there’s no reason why your water heating bills should drain your wallet! Enjoy all the hot water you need and save money every month with our reliable water heater services in Tampa and Tarpon Springs.

Give us a call today at 813-980-3353 to request water heater installation, replacement, repair, or maintenance.

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