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Water Softeners & Treatment

Water Softeners & Treatment

Do you DESPISE the water in your home?

Does it smell bad? (malodorous like rotten egg?)

Does it taste bad? (water should not have a “flavor!”)

Does it turn your white clothes “not white?”

Does it leave a white chalky sediment buildup on the interior of your dish washer?

The problem is you have HARD WATER.

The solution is, call for a Punctual Plumber! For there are many solutions, and we are Masters of them all!

“Hard water makes soaps difficult to lather and impossible to rinse clean, leaving soap scum on your tub, your dishes, and your SKIN.”

-Ben Franklin

Hard water suffers from an overabundance of minerals like calcium and magnesium. Over time these minerals form a hard, chalky “lime-scale” that coats the interiors of water-using appliances like your dish washer and washing machine, damaging them. And this mineral sediment even ruins your water heater and clogs up your plumbing pipes!

Depending on whether you want to:

A. purify ALL the water coming in your home, or

B. just purify the water at one particular faucet or source,

we have three basic categories of options that will indeed solve your problem:

1. Water Filtration Systems

Also called “water purifiers,” these smaller filter systems cleanse the water coming out of one faucet or source, regularly installed to purify drinking water in the kitchen.

We offer professional installation on any type of water filtration system.

“We believe you should drink clean, SAFE water in your home.”

2. Water Softening Systems

Water softeners use salt as part of their filtration method and are designed and installed to cleanse ALL the water coming into your home. And they do this by removing the minerals from your water, leaving you with that “slick” feeling on your skin, since the minerals that dry out your skin are no longer present in the water.

(note: If you have a water softener and you’re still seeing white lime-scale buildup, your system needs to be checked.)

The only limitations with most traditional water softeners is that they require regular maintenance and ongoing refilling with large bags of salt. But they do soften water, virtually eliminating the ravages of lime-scale buildup.

3. Water Conditioning Systems

This is our most “tech forward” option: a saltless Water Conditioning System.

Water Conditioners need no bags of salt! They employ a complex process that does not actually remove the hard minerals but rather converts them to a “powder” shield that is not able to bind to surfaces, leaving you with spot-free dishes, brighter and softer clothes and a shower minus the lime-scale, water spots and soap scum.

4. Futuristic Hybrid System

We even have an amazing advanced hybrid! The “H2O Harmony” Water Softening Conditioner System, a whole home treatment that:

  • Removes sediment particles as small as 20 MICRONS

    That is 5X smaller than a human hair!

  • Eliminates the excess chlorine and chloramines in your water

    -Poisons that you are rapidly absorbing through your skin while you shower.

  • Single tank design

    to save space.

  • Eliminates stains

    on sinks, tubs, and washing machines.

  • Increases efficiency

    on appiances.

  • Up to 50% savings

    on soaps and detergents.

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An Exceptional Benjamin Franklin Plumber will examine your water and perform an onsite water test (and examine your current water treatment system if you have one) then listen to what you really want, before making the diagnosis and offering options or any suggestions.

From our services like repair or installation of any water treatment system, to our impeccable regular maintenance of your plumbing system, we happily do it all.

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