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Low water pressure is a problem that can manifest itself in a number of frustrating ways. Showerheads deliver a thoroughly unsatisfying trickle instead of a mighty blast. Filling a sink or bathtub with water becomes an interminable ordeal. Using two or more fixtures at a time nearly brings the flow of water to a halt. If you’re experiencing these issues, there are a few common culprits you should check.

Are Your Pipes or Fixtures Clogged?

If there’s low water pressure only at certain fixtures, it’s likely there are local clogs. You can check by simply removing the problematic faucets or showerheads and checking for clogged aerators or other restrictions. If it’s a more widespread issue, it’s possible your pipes may be clogged by mineral deposits. Hard water can be a problem in the Tampa Bay area, so pipes often become restricted over time.

Is Your Pressure Regulator Failing?

Many homes are equipped with water pressure regulators. These valves manage the water pressure coming into your home to avoid damage to your plumbing system. A clear sign of a failing pressure regulator is a very sudden change in pressure. It may spike or drop off sharply, or it may do both in quick succession. You may be able to replace a failed regulator yourself, but it’s usually best left to professionals.

Is Your Plumbing Leaking or Corroded?

If your piping is made with galvanized steel, corrosion is a likely culprit behind gradual water pressure loss. Galvanized steel pipes often rust from the inside, slowly restricting water pressure without necessarily giving any warning signs. Another common issue is water leaks somewhere in your system. You can test for leaks by shutting off all the water fixtures in your home and reading the water meter immediately after. Check again a few hours later and compare readings. Any water usage is a sign that you likely need professional leak detection and repairs.

If you’re experiencing low pressure in your Tampa home, don’t just accept this major inconvenience. Check out Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s low water pressure services or call 813-980-3353 today.

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