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What to Expect

What to Expect

What to Expect When You’re Expecting
…a Ben Franklin Plumber!

Once you submit a request for any service, here is what will happen:

1. If you contact us between 7am – 11pm, we will call you within the hour.
If you submit a request between 11pm – 7am, you may expect our call by 8:30am or sooner.

2. When we call, you can expect to hear the voice of a friendly professional, who will ask in detail about your plumbing concern.

Note: It would be best if you could supply the age of the plumbing system.

3. Then you will be asked to pick a Time Window for your Punctual Plumber to arrive:

  • $59 for an open, all day arrival window
  • $69 for a 4 hour arrival window
  • $129 for our 1 hour Express Arrival window

4. An exceptional Ben Franklin Plumber will give you a call 30 minutes to one hour prior to arrival, to ensure their arrival is convenient for you.

And we offer you our Punctuality Guarantee:
if there’s any delay it’s YOU we pay!
We PAY you $5 per minute we are late,
up to $300!

“Time is the great Wheel upon which All Things Turn.”
-Ben Franklin

5. When our Astoundingly Skilled Plumber arrives, he or she will diagnose your problem and perform a Complete Plumbing System Check to ensure there are no other related problems or dangers.

6. We will present ALL possible options to fix the plumbing problem, based on our Straight Forward Price guide. 

7. We shall Perform the repair or service that you have chosen to the Letter, and to Perfection for the price that we named before we started the work.

*And rest assured that in everything we do, our Beliefs are unwavering, our Guarantees unmatched and Financing available with approved credit.

And all of this, we are very proud to Humbly offer, to YOU.

The Advantage of Being Better Equipped:

“We are able to complete well over 90% of all service calls on our initial visit.”

We carry hundreds of parts in our Ben Franklin Super Trucks, so we almost always have the right parts to get your problem solved quickly the first visit (so we don’t typically have to search out parts, which delays your service).

This allows us to make more calls per day, thereby saving you (and us!) both Time, and Money.

To schedule an appointment, just contact us using any method upon this page! And a Punctual Plumber will be at the ready and upon your doorstep, in no time at all.

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