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Household faucets are extremely simple mechanisms that can sometimes last for decades without a problem. But they aren’t always perfect, and there are several reasons why a Tampa homeowner might opt for a new faucet installation.

Leaks Can’t Always Be Fixed

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that faucet leaks waste as much as a trillion gallons of water per year across the nation, and fixing a leak can save a typical homeowner as much as 10 percent on water bills. Faucets can often be easily fixed by replacing washers or O-rings. But older faucets sometimes experience severely corroded valve seats or rusted bases, and when this happens, a new faucet installation from a plumbing specialist is recommended.

Functionality is Key

The right kitchen faucet can make chores a breeze. Faucets with an integrated, pull-down spray hose are extremely popular for their ease of use. A simple but very handy feature of these faucets is the ability to spray dishes directly from the faucet itself; it’s no longer necessary to hold a trigger sprayer with one hand while holding a dish in the other. When an older side sprayer becomes damaged or the process of returning the hose into its hole becomes tiresome or difficult, it’s likely time to upgrade to a modern fixture.

A New Faucet Should Fit Your D├ęcor

New faucets can transform the appearance of your kitchen or bathroom, and for most consumers, this is an easy and inexpensive step toward updating the look of a home. For those who wish to completely renovate a recently purchased older home or update the look of the home they’ve owned for many years, new faucets are an essential element for a modern appearance.

The experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can replace leaky or outdated faucets quickly and professionally. For more information on all of their services, check them out online or call 813-980-3353.

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